Studio Hire
For just £20ph, you can hire Splash Point Photo Photography Studio!  Studio hire includes all our photographic areas and lighting, and that's some major bang for your buck given we're based in North Wales rather than a major city, as that would undoubtedly be twice the price with our kind of facilities.

Studio photography requires you to have a camera with a centre pin hotshoe (or a PC port) to enable you to trigger the strobe lights.  While Russ is always on hand, we encourage new photographers to get comfortable in manual mode and research the basics of studio lighting.  For instance, when shooting with strobe lights, you must use manual so you don't exceed the maximum shutter speed (1/125th of a second) that syncs with the lighting, and combine it with a fixed ISO & aperture so your camera isn't changing your settings for each shot.  While we do have continuous light options for creative set-ups and use on our neon wall, strobe lights offer the most amount of quality because of their sheer output of light.  This enables you to push the camera far less hard.  Picking a single Autofocus point is also a huge advantage in taking control - remember, in the studio, YOU should be in control as the conditions don't change unless you change them.  Don't allow the camera to second guess what it thinks you want, as it simply cannot read manual strobe lighting and will instead try to understand the ambient lighting in the room.

Check out the navbar 'Hire' menu for studio days