03 Feb

Hi from a new look Splash Point Photo website & blog!  From the neon streets to the sandy beach, we've got it all.. kinda.  If you're new to us, we're a bespoke and unique photography studio space on the north coast of Wales, UK, and we're famed for our neon wall, heated pool, & being a Tardis of a studio space that is over the road from the beach!

This blog is of course attached to our new website.  My previous site hosts wanted to up the hosting fee by 50%, and that was on a plan I paid only 1/2 the price for when it was on offer, so they are essentially wanting to charge me three times the original amount because I'm tied in.. or so they thought!  I, however, figured it was time for a change!  Please bear with me as I get used to the new work flow and tools here, but given I do enjoy refreshing the site from time to time regardless of the host, it was a good excuse to start from the ground up.  I'm already enjoying this one more so than the last, so hopefully you guys will too, and equally hopefully you'll find it more intuitive and a cleaner viewing experience as well.

In the meantime, please enjoy me as a Funko Pop!  It's Ai, so I'm afraid we don't have our own line of Funko pops, and you can't own a mini me just yet..  but it is pretty cool, right!?

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